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We are an electronics technology company in the aerospace industry with more than one hundred employees. We develop and produce products with a unique and patented technology at the site in Nördlingen. We specialize in the development and production of Solid State Power Modules (SSPC) and Remote Power Distribution Units (RPDU), which are responsible for the electrical power distribution in aircraft.


The typical power generation and distribution of an aircraft can be compared with the power network of the home. Each aircraft has multiple power generators connected to the engines of the aircraft. The electricity generated flows to a primary distribution system, which forwards the electricity to other secondary distributors, which in turn feed the respective consumers (e.g., on-board entertainment system).

The primary distribution system is comparable to the main distribution to the home, whereas the secondary distributors are to be compared with the sub-distribution and fuse boxes present in the house. In these primary and secondary systems, our products take over the switching and protection function, as well as the automatic diagnostic function for the cables and the consumer loads.


Our product portfolio consists of Solid State Power Modules (SSPC) and Remote Power Distribution Units (RPDU).


Solid State Power Module

Solid State Power Modules (SSPC) are programmable, maintenance-free and pluggable modules for electrical power distribution. SSPCs are used to save space in various areas of an aircraft and cover DC or AC applications along with digital and analog inputs for discrete data collection and processing. SSPCs combine different functions and offer a significantly increased reliability compared to electromechanical components. By their use, various aircraft functions may be executed automatically in the background, which significantly reduces the workload for the pilots and flight attendants. We currently supply our SSPCs to Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and Comac.


Remote Power Distribution Unit

Remote Power Distribution Units (RPDUs) contain multiple SSPCs and can be deployed remotely at individual points on the aircraft. RPDUs are part of the secondary electrical power distribution system. Airbus, Boeing and Comac are currently supplied with our RPDUs.