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We practice open communication and have short decision-making processes as well as a flat organizational structure. Two managing directors handle the commercial and technical leadership of HS Elektronik Systeme GmbH. Both are supported in their day-to-day business by division leaders (director, manager), department leaders (section lead) and more than one hundred employees.

Tino Schuldt

General Manager & Managing Director

Tino has been with us as General Manager and Managing Director since 2023. In this role, he is responsible for all aspects of HS Elektronik Systeme GmbH as well as corresponding functions and leads the more than one hundred employees at the Nördlingen facility. With more than 20 years of industry experience in the space start up, film and automotive industries as well as a technical engineer degree (FH) from the HAW Hamburg.

Kevin Weigand

Managing Director

Kevin has been with us since 2016 and currently takes on the role of second Managing Director. He is responsible for the operational aspects of HS Elektronik Systeme GmbH, which include production, supply chain, digitalization and automation, as well as the contracts and the compliance program. Kevin has a Master of Laws from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and completed his Master of Business Administration from the Munich Business School in part-time through our development program.

Franz Grimmeiß

Director Finance

Franz Grimmeiß, as Director Finance & Human Resources, is responsible for accounting, the preparation and monitoring of the financial plan as well as the compliance with tax and internal regulations. He is also responsible for Human Resources, including the personnel budget.

Alexander Michel

Director Engineering & Business Development

Alexander Michel, as the Director Engineering & Business Development, is responsible for finding and developing new technologies based on customer requirements and for securing the future growth of the company.

Dirk Efferenn

Director Lean Management & Improvement Strategy

Dirk Efferenn, as Director Production & EH&S, is responsible for all aspects of production, including the areas production optimization, introduction of new processes, technologies and production equipment. At the same time he is responsible for environment, health and safety (EH&S) and the associated management systems (AMS, UMS).

Pascal Löffler

Manager Quality

Pascal Löffler, as Manager Quality, is responsible for all aspects of quality, including the areas quality planning (APQP), quality control (complaint management, documentation control) and quality assurance (audit, inspection, calibration). At the same time he is responsible for documentation control and management.

Lena Lohmaier

Manager Human Resources

Matthias Späth

Section Lead Engineering

Thomas Leberle

Section Lead Products

Karl-Heinz Kraut

Section Lead Supply Chain Management

Rico Pilz

Section Lead Logistics & Business Process Development

Imant Hoffmann

Section Lead Contracts & Compliance

Martin Jackert

Section Lead Production Engineering

Jürgen Lutz

Section Lead Production & Facility